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Procedure For Urinal Cleaning

Recommended Supplies and Cleaning Equipment:

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner

EPA Registered Cleaner/Disinfectant

Bowl Swab

Wiping Material (Rags, Paper Towels, Sponge, Etc.)

Sprayer Trigger (labeled), Pump-Up, Aerosol, Foam, etc.

Rubber Gloves


The need of an acid bowl cleaner is determined by the hardness of the water in your area. Routine use of an acid bowl cleaner is not recommended unless hard water deposits are present or where, as a result of not cleaning on a regular basis, a build-up occurs. You may only need to use an acid bowl cleaner once a week, once a month or, perhaps in some areas, once every other day.

Try a 1 in 5 method first. Using a acid bowl cleaner one (1) day out of five (5) and using an EPA registered cleaner/disinfectant four (4) days out of five (5). Increase or decrease depending on your results.

Recommended Method:

EPA Registered Cleaner/Disinfectant:

As in all cleaning procedures, the first step is to gather the recommended janitorial equipment and supplies together and bring to the area to be cleaned.

Wear gloves and any other protective equipment recommended. Check with your supervisor.

Flush surface with clean water.

Remove urinal strainers and any foreign matter.

Determine if bowl cleaner is needed. If needed, dispenser bowl cleaner and let stand for a few minutes.

If bowl cleaner is not needed, apply EPA registered cleaner/disinfectant and let stand for a few minutes.

Clean outside with a bowl swab, including plumbing fixtures, and clean floor around the base.

Rinse outside, if required, and wipe dry.

Alternate Method:

Bowl Cleaner: Follow same procedure as above.

Inspect your work. Repeat procedure(s) if necessary.

Allow time to clean up and return the cleaning equipment to the storage area.

Finally, when you are finished, wash hands and dry thoroughly.



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