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Proper Wet Mop Maintenance


Proper mop maintenance can make your mops last up the 5 times longer and help you do a much better job of cleaning your floors. Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Before using a mop head clean in warm water to make sure that any chemicals that were used on prior used are rinsed out.


  • Let the mop wringer rinse the mop. Do not twist the wet mop in the wringer this can loosen the wet mop strands.


  • Try not to leave the mop in the mop water over night, this can bread bacteria and also weaken the wet mop fibers.


  • After using your wet mop heads soak in hot water for up to 10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.


  • Hang mop heads to dry after soaking, this prevents mold forming on the mop.


  • Try to have a mop a different mop head for different types of jobs especially if your using more than one type of floor cleaner.


  • Launder your wet mops heads on a regular basis this will prevent your mops being broken down by chemicals and should prevent mold. Make sure to use a mop head laundry bag so that the mops don't tangle.


  • When washing your wet mop try not to use bleach. Bleach will break down your mop fibers over time. Use a mild disinfectant that is suited to mop laundering.



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